Outreach Pamphlet

This three-fold pamphlet is an introduction to and recommendation of E.F. Hills’ book The King James Defended by Theodore Letis.

It has been slightly abridged and entirely redesigned. It would make a fine addition to your church’s literature table.

Excerpt: “The real question is: To whom should it have to be defended? Analogously, to whom must we defend such unquestionable talents as Shakespeare or Mozart? Certainly not to the literate and aesthetically aware. Though these gifts to mankind are antique, their treasures remain timeless just because of that quality, not in spite of it. Who would balk at free tickets to a performance of Hamlet or to a classical concert, with the inane argument that these are not contemporary works? The only segments of society that would despise such cultural giants are the profoundly ignorant or the insufferably modern ideologue… “

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