Book Review:

Today’s Christian & The Church’s Bible

By Salvador Partida Escobedo

Could you imagine Christianity without an original apostolic preservation of original texts? What would Christianity be without a divine and inspired text?  

The early church fathers and the reformers believed that our sovereign God preserved organically the original texts of scripture.

 There is no need to believe the different philosophical ideas of different modern translations and versions.

 The scholarly work of modern textual criticism has clarified the finest biblical manuscripts from the hands of the Apostles. Moreover, the Bible for centuries has been a sacred book, authoritative and historic, and divinely preserved by God. Biblical archaeology also confirms the veracity of the most ancient texts, and even though we do not know where the original manuscripts are, we do have codex evidences of original copies of them.

Dr. Letis has done magnificent work in this book. He leans into the ethical, canonical, and historic paths of bibliology.

As global Protestant Christians, our main need is an Authorized Version that is closest to the apostolic manuscripts. We do not need to fall into the deceitfulness that comes by lightly approaching the divine texts with a humanistic and utilitarian philosophical approach to scripture.

We do not need more translations, we do not need more versions, we need to hold to our canonical, apostolic, historical, and ethical approaches to sacred scripture.

Salvador Partida Escobedo (Lecturer & Instructor, Chronological School of Biblical Studies at University of the Nations and faculty member of Christian Ministries, Youth With A Mission, Member, Philadelphia Presbyterian Reformed Church)