Carl McIntire on Psalm 12:7

“Thou shalt keep them, O Lord;” that is, keep his words. “Thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”

No matter what happens, one generation comes and another passes away, God’s going to preserve these words and they are going to carry their power that he attends with them when they come. From one generation to another the words of God will be preserved throughout all the generations.

Now I am very happy that in the great Confessions of the Christian world, our Confession — the Westminster Confession— has its chapter one on the Word of God…

And now the Lord says here, I’m going to keep my word—it is like silver that has been tried. I’m going to keep that to all generations—all generations. That means that no matter what the conditions are, God is going to have on this earth some churches and some pastors until the last generation and we’re taken away, who will maintain this word like we are doing here, and like we’re seeking to do throughout the whole Christian world. It’s a beautiful, wonderful statement.

Note: This excerpt beings at the 12:05 minute mark