Symposium on the Septuagint

August 3, 2024

Sponsored by the Reformation Bible Society

The Reformation Bible Society exists to foster and promote scholarly study, defense, and interpretation of the traditional Reformation text of Christian Scripture (i.e., the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Old Testament and Received Text of the Greek New Testament) by providing a medium for oral exchange and written expression of thought and reseach.

First Annual Meeting

The first annual meeting of the society will feauture an academic symposium on the Septuagint. It is scheduled for August 3, 2024 at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Conference Details

The theme will be “The Reformation Text and the Septuagint” and plenary lectures will be presented by Russell Fuller, Jeffrey T. Riddle, David Kranendonk, and Christian McShaffrey.

Various short papers will be presented in breakout sessions, including papers by Albert Hemb, Matthew Vogan, Jonathan Arnold, Peter Van Kleeck Jr., Brett Mahlen, and Patrick Morgan.

Call For Papers

If you are interested in presenting a short paper, the deadline to submit paper proposals for consideration is April 30, 2024. Follow this link for the details.